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The phrase ‘healthy junk food’ has always been considered a myth and even though many pizza companies are trying to reduce fat and salt content to attract the increasingly health-conscious consumer, the majority of them still can’t get it right! Reduce the fat and salt but increase the sugar or harsh additives – that’s not they way forward! Thus, on my hunt for innovative healthy ideas and businesses passionate about our well-being, I discovered the first nutritionally healthy and utterly delicious pizza – a treat that’s good for you!

eatbalanced pizzasDuring the Social Media Week in Glasgow last year, I met the inspiring team of Eat Balanced – a Scottish enterprise, committed to cleverly combine the best quality ingredients to deliver a nutritious version of our favourite foods – with all the vital  nutrients (protein, fats, carbs, salt, sugars and even fibre) for a gild-free delicious meal.

Winning a number of prestigious awards, such as Best New Idea at Food & Drink Expo 2012 and the “Business with the highest impact” at Entrepreneurial Spark, 2012, the company has teamed up with professor Mike Lean, Head of the Human Nutrition section at the University of Glasgow to create pizzas that are nutritionally balanced and still having a great flavour. They use the UK’s guideline daily amounts to ensure that each of the pizzas contains about 30% of our guideline daily amounts. The base is also made with 50% wholemeal flour and the crust is thin and crunchy – it’s like the mastery of the Italian pizza makers.

bert pepperIn addition to the great taste and health benefits, the brand itself is very interactive, lively and fun to be around. As a marketer, I have thoroughly inspected their website design, brand development and marketing communications. And the Bee Verdict…they tick all the boxes for a successful brand equity despite their small-scale team and initial stage of business development. The company has created an engaging character – Bert Pepper – a Chief Vegetable Officer who explains the truth behind mainstream pizzas, emphasising the uniqueness of the Eat Balanced pizzas.

There is also a full explanation of all their ingredients which are further giving a personal and enticing human touch, making this healthy treat a truly fun and interactive experience. From a marketing communications perspective, they have also jumped successfully on the latest digital bandwagon by having strong and engaging presence on the main social media platforms and providing customers with prompt replies. Hashtags are widely used and customer testimonials are in abundance to give new consumers assurance and confidence in the quality of the pizzas.

And my favourite part of this engagement… their blog page which provides health advice and encourages people to share their experience. I was also lucky enough to participate as a guest blogger in their Christmas initiative for healthy recipes where I offered my healthy on-the-go oat cookies. This idea achieved great success and showed one of the most important pillars for today’s successful marketing – blogging about content relevant to your business and connect with other bloggers for a viral reach.

Where to find this Treat?

eat_balanced_pizzaAs a dedicated health enthusiasts I am often critical when I hear food producers trying to make health claims about their products and thus I tend to give these claims a full inspection before proceeding into buying. However, Eat Balanced has won my admiration and ranks as my favourite pre-workout meal. If you want to be part of this healthy experience, you can find their products in the Asda,  Sainsburys stores in Scotland and in England and Wales.

The team is working hard to launch the pizzas nationwide and I am looking forward to seeing this soon. Considering their current progress and marketing activities thus far I am confident that this unique idea will continue its viral spread and I am glad to have been part of it.

With health & balance,

Maya xxx



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