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Flower waters are great for cleansing and refreshing the skin, leaving you feel energised and often ‘uplifted’ due to the therapeutic properties of their aroma. They are suitable to use as a tonic after make-up removal or when preparing the skin for your daily moisturiser. I have been using them for years and I believe this is one of the best natural ways to refresh my skin. Here is the list with my favourites.

1. Organic Lavender Water

Organic Lavender WaterLavender is one of the most recognised scents in the world and has long been used to relieve stress, muscle pain and act as an aphrodisiac. The German Commission E commended lavender for treating insomnia, nervous stomach, and anxiety. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia lists lavender as a treatment for flatulence, colic, and depressive headaches, and many modern herbal practitioners use the herb to treat migraines in menopause. In Spain, lavender is added to teas to treat diabetes and insulin resistance.”

Lavender Flower Water is the by-product of the steam distillation process for making essential oils, also known as Lavender Hydrosol, hydrolats, or hydroflorates. When the Lavender flowers are processed with the steam the essential oil is captured to make pure Lavender oil. Not all of the oil is recaptured so the residual water and essential oil mixture is the hydrosol or flower water.

Perhaps, one of the most versatile skincare oils of all because it has excellent antiseptic properties and is mild enough to be used directly to the skin. It also has great wound-healing properties and promotes tissue regeneration while also preventing scarring when used to treat damaged or injured skin. It also inhibits the bacteria which causes skin infections , such as acne as well as soothing the skin and helping to balance the oversecretion of sebum.

When the oil is used as water, it has the additional benefits of plant acids that result from the making process. A slightly acid ph to the skin is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic because bacteria do not like to live in acid environments which helps to control blemishes and breakouts.

Thus Lavender is suited to:

  • Oily and blemished skin
  • Acne
  • Burns
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Inflammation
  • Psoriasis
  • Sunburn

The one I use is produced by Alteya Bulgaria and can be purchased here or on Amazon.

2. Organic Rose water (Bulgarian Rose Damascena)organic rose waterKnown as the finest rose oil or ‘rose otto’ in the world, the Bulgarian rose oil has been distilled for over 300 years. It is the olderst cultivated European plant in America and it’s been called the Queen of Flower all over the world. It is one of the most useful skincare flowers because apart from its rich feminine scent, it has great wound-healing properties which help in the daily process of skin repair. Rose is especially valuable for use as a solution for broken capillaries, or thread veins, due to its astringent effect on the capillaries, which helps to diminish the redness.

It is also believed to help with emotional strength as its unique scent empowers the mind and assists in decision making. It is regarded as a mild sedative and anti-depressant that helps with stress management.

For general skincare, rose is suited to:

  • All types of complexion
  • Broken capillaries
  • Wrinkles
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Herpes
  • Maturing and sensitised skin

3. Organic Chamomile waterorganic chamomile waterChamomile is a well-known soothing remedy, and because of its sedative and relaxant properties it is particularly good for all skin complaints that have nervous or stress-related elements. The properties of chamomile and lavender often overlap so it is useful to remember that as an analgesic, chamomile is better for dull aches and pains whiles lavender may be better for sharp, piercing pain and inflammation.

The water is great for baby’s sensitive skin and creates a nice calming environment around them.

For general skincare it is suited to:

  • Acne
  • Boils
  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Eczema
  • Inflammation and allergies
  • Sensitised skin

My advice is to give each a try and use as evening and morning toners. You can also just spray them during the day for a nice calming aroma.

”Aromas are surer than sounds to make your heartstrings crack”, Rudyard Kipling

With health & balance,

Maya xxx



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