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The health and fitness industries are now the centre of wealth for many companies which have eagerly jumped on the bandwagon of creating the next superfood product or breakthrough exercise plan. Unfortunately, despite this booming health focus, our nation is still battling with obesity, cancer and diabetes. The medical industry is not doing us any good either. Preventable medical errors rank as No. 3 killer in the U.S. after heart disease and cancer while in the NHS hospitals medical staff errors lead to nearly 12,000 patients dying every year.

Being hugely disappointed by the medical industry and many of the new ‘healthy’ trends, I am now on a mission to discover of discovering the underlying beliefs that stop us from taking care of ourselves. In this post, I will share my findings and what I think is necessary to have TRUE HEALTH AND WEALTH.


What are the main obstacles to Health?

Medical-driven thinking

Our government has taught us that our healthcare system will keep us healthy and turning to doctors is all we need to live happily and healthily ever after. Many of us see doctors as authority figures who know more than we do about our bodies. However, according to a report from the University of California, 50% of doctors do not have a personal physician – something that they advocate to patients, 20% don’t exercise, and only 7% believe that they drink too much alcohol. And we regularly give control of our health over to these imperfect models of unhealthy living.

Our culture and addictive medical system believe technology and testing will save us. We think that everything scientific must be true. However, I believe science must leave room for the wisdom of nature.  Thoughts and consciousness influence our lives. What we believe today shapes our tomorrow. Thus healers and doctors must recognise our emotional individuality and dig deeper in our past, childhood and present thinking to uncover the root causes of disease.

Damaging information

Much of the information online follows a ‘one-size fits-all’ approach. I experienced this when healing my digestive issues by reading websites and magazines, trusting ‘healthy-looking’ models. But it’s not about the looks. The pressure of body appearance has created this wave of ‘fit sick’ people who look healthy but suffer health issues on the inside. When I started bodybuilding, despite my improved physic, my digestion went on a downward spiral, my period disappeared and my sleeping got disturbed. That’s because we follow diets that work for others. We follow training programmes without paying attention to the body’s feedback. Therefore, I believe the diet and exercise of the future are bespoke. When I work with clients, no diet is the same but tailored to individual goals and lifestyle needs.

Damaged beliefs about health

Many still think that eating veggies and fruits is enough to be healthy. Sadly, health is viewed as time consuming and not involving tasty foods. The word treat still relates to junk food. But how can something so nutritionally poor, made at the expense of our health, be a treat?

This is worse in the corporate world. Pastries and cakes are prevalent, even at places like the staff food corners of Google and Mozilla where the sweets and crisps outnumber the fruits and nuts. Not even that but the quality of the healthy foods is poor too. No organic and local farmers support. So how can these companies be claiming  to be committed to staff wellbeing when they are feeding people garbage food? Our bodies are like cars whereby the  (no need the as no specific) food is the fuel. So if we want our petrol car to perform well, would we put diesel in it? Nutrition is what must take to improve our performance.

global-healthcareWhat is the new Health?

My dream is for people to realise that we are only as good as our Health is. We can’t achieve our personal and business goals without it. We would be of no good to our employers, family and friends, and most importantly ourselves if we become ill or have no energy.

But how do we start the healthy living in this jungle of confusing information?

  • Don’t be just another Patient

We should see Health as Bespoke and Holistic whereby the human body and mind are seen as a unity which needs to be healed not just cured. We need to address the imbalances that underline the symptoms because Illness occurs to show us that we are not living life well. The symptoms have their root causes often in emotions, beliefs, past stressful situations and childhood. When we take medication just to cover them up we don’t necessarily address the factors that led to the symptom in the first place.

  • Believe what you want to Experience

Our Beliefs are energetic forces that create the basis for our health. It is not stress itself that creates immune system problems. It is the perception that the stress is inescapable and we can’t prevent it. This perception suppresses the immune system because our bodies are influenced and structured by our beliefs.

Our subconscious holds the key to our healing. Many left-brain mainstream practitioners still regard this as woo-woo and do a test after test. However, we need to firstly analyse the thoughts, emotions and beliefs. They (insert comma) along with our brain communicate directly with our immune, nervous and endocrine systems and with the organs in our bodies.

  • Create Health Daily

Every day is a new opportunity to create health for the mind, body and spirit. Our bodies constantly renew and repair. Our red blood cells, for example, regenerate every 28 days and we get a new liver every 6 months. That’s why we need to include daily practices and take it one step at a time. Here are my first steps for better mind, body and spiritual health:

Body health – reduce the No. 1 killer – sugar and processed packaged foods – support your local farmers and switch to organic farming. It’s about time to start paying the farmer, not the doctor.

Mind health – practice being present and breathing for 5 min a day – give your mind a break and watch how your intuition gets stronger and you make better decisions.

Spirit health – start loving and accepting yourself the way you are. Often what we think of as wrong with us are only our expressions of our own individuality. Nature never repeats itself. We are meant to be different. There are people out there looking for exactly what you have to offer. Let them know you exist. Take care of yourself and life will do the same for you:).

With health & balance,

Maya xxx





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