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organic-farming-busy-bee-holistic-healthIt’s ‪#‎OrganicSeptember‬. Let’s go ‪#‎organic‬. It HEALS you. It SUPPORTS Mother Nature. In this short post, I would like to tell you my key reasons for going organic.

Many of my clients don’t see the reason behind this VITAL change in their shopping habits. They consider themselves ‘healthy’ just because their fridge is full with vegetable and fruits. Well, if they come from toxic farming, then guess what – their goodness is almost killed by the way they have been grown. Many chemicals use oestrogen based ingredients which work as the ‘pill’ (stopping the bug from making babies). But did you know that this oestrogen then enters our body, creating an increase in our natural levels of oestrogen which in turns stimulates fat storage and even ‘breasts type’ chest in men. Yes, that’s right, guys, maybe the food you eat is giving you that feminine look;) Same applies to women, we might be struggling to lose weight, because there is too much oestrogen in the body which is also responsible for irregular periods.

Then what about fertilizers? Plants goodness comes from the soil. If it is devoid of minerals then the plants will be without minerals too. The fertilizers are the killers of soil goodness meaning that
THAT BANANA is actually A SILENT KILLER, bringing you more BAD than GOOD. UGLY TRUTH, I KNOW;(

Here’s my TOP TOP: It’s not about having many vegetables and fruits so you can call yourself ‘healthy’. It’s about the right quality. Choose less and buy ‘more’ for your health. It’s better to have just a few of the good ones than many of the bad ones – this way the budget will stay the same too:)

TRY IT THIS MONTH AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. Even if it is just buying one thing, every step helps. I recommend choosing vegetable & fruit boxes from Bonativo. If you prefer supermarkets, Sainsbury’s supermarkets have a good range. My favourite is Ocado as I can get both my meats and fresh produce at great prices and they do £20 off for your first order.

I would love to hear your experience with going organic and your reasons behind it. Share in the comments below or connect with me on Twitter :).

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx



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