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My fitness obsession started in 2012 when I thought that fat was my enemy and avoiding all fat-containing foods while exercising every day and eating little would finally make me happy with my body and life in general. You can see that girl and these beliefs in the video below while reading my short message today:

Feeling happy and satisfied with my body…could that really happen? Well, it did during the video but not on the inside. I was never satisfied with my body..that was probably the leanest and skinniest I have ever been…when I went home my parents thought I had become anorexic. Little they knew that I suffered from low self-esteem and lack of confidence as I just wanted that model look which coupled with the stress of finishing my master degree and getting a graduate job did not make the “dream” come that easy! However, I am still grateful for that time. I am proud of my ability to commit to a goal. I am proud of my determination and discipline to follow through. Despite my sever IBS I still continued. So now I don`t judge that cute brunette:) She did her best with the awareness and knowledge she had at the time. And this is my message for you today, dear friends.

If you want to progress in any area of your life and improve you state of being – be it to me happier, healthier or more successful, then you have to start with accepting and even loving your past. Let go of any judgement and resentment, release the anger and guilt, forgive the shame and set backs. You DID YOUR BEST with what you knew then and hadn`t you done that, you wouldn`t be where YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Just as I wouldn`t be in the position of helping people overcome IBS and eating disorders issues hadn`t I suffered myself. And don`t think I am 100% there. I am still on my journey but life has taught me so far effective ways to move myself forward far quicker and easier than before…because now I know my body better, I listen to my body`s needs and I honour it with care. I now understand that we are all different and if one meal or exercise works for one person, it doesn`t mean that it will work for another. And most importantly, now I do my best to appreciate my present, be grateful everyday and live in accordance with my values. I value happiness and health the most right now and hence steer my goals in that direction. Love and connections with people are also getting importance on my list so more energy will be invested there too. And this is my final message for you…

When you feel unwell or just not where you would like to be…sit for 3 deep breaths….close your eyes and remember a time when you felt like you would like to feel right now. Feel that feeling, see that time with all the details, hear the voices and put yourself right there again…see it is possible…if it happened once, it can happen again. You just have to BELIEVE AND SAY THANK YOU TO THAT MOMENT, SAY THANK YOU THAT LIFE GAVE YOU THAT REFERENCE POINT SO FROM NOW ON, YOU CAN ALWAYS GO BACK TO IT:)

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx


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