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Though small in size the ladybug is fearless. As fear cannot exist among joy, we must always do our best to go back to that feeling of loving the art of living. Living is the essence of all human beings, we are here to experience a plethora of emotions, feelings and thoughts because only then we now that we are actually living. Next time, we are in fear, sadness or anger, just smile for these emotions show that you are still alive:).

The Universe has a grand design for all of us, there is the full potential of each soul on Earth written and already decided. However, nothing is set in stone…because we are all given free will and the ability to decide. We can choose to live or we can choose to die. We can choose to push through life and fight against its currents. Or we can choose to go with the flow and surf on its waves. Waves are needed otherwise we lose the excitement, the joy, the thrill.

And do you know that fear is actually excitement without breathing?

Yes, these two are actually perceived by the body in almost the same way…so there is no need to fear fear – just breathe a bit more and turn it into excitement:) Excitement…that state of inner joy when you body is filled with butterflies, when your legs feel like jumping and you start rubbing your palms to warm up and prepare for the big moment. That is what I love most about life. That feeling of anticipation and yet being able to detach yourself from that expectation because the other polarity of excitement is obsession with the outcome and then when you do not get that expectation met your mind is going to kill the present moment with that disappointment of the ego. But trust me, if the outcomes is different than the expectation then the expectation was not right in the first place because it was purely driven by ‘needing and wanting’ for the ‘self’ only without considering the other parties or factors involved in the situation. We often make decision for ‘us only’ without thinking that there might be other people involved, especially in relationship issues which then requires us to talk the decision through as adults coming from the point of unconditional love – meaning what is best for both parties’ highest good, what will make them happier and more fulfilled and how together we can make this happen as together we are stronger to go further.

The ego loves to create doubt so we can lose our trust in the Universe and consequently in ourselves. There is no need to dwell on that feeling though. Just recognise the emotion, see how you feel, feel what you feel for what it is right now and then accept it. It is just the way it is. Remember that now everything in the Universe is moving super fast, more people are awakening, more souls are reaching their potential or starting their true path. This means that what used to take years to come in the past, might only require a few months or even weeks. Let’s use nature as an example. Do you know that ladybugs reproduce so rapidly that their life cycle is only 4 weeks long, meaning that over a summer several generations are born. Their short life span teaches us not to worry, and to live life to its fullest, appreciating the present and enjoying its gifts.  Let go, let the Universe and your intuition guide you.

Let’s finish with the ladybug message:

You can get everything that you focus on as energy flows where focus goes. Remember that patience is key in achieving anything in life. Do not force things or try hard to fulfil your wishes, go with the flow and let things take their natural course. Life is about working smart now not hard. Your wishes will come true when they do – in their own time. You were born after 9 months for a reason:).

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx



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