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bee_businessOnce upon a time in a far remote forest, there lived a Queen Bee. A powerful Queen Bee who ruled the biggest kingdom on Earth along with her Wise King. A beautiful queen bee who always ate the best honey and worked out with the best flowers to keep herself strong and in good health.

The Queen Bee was a respected ruler because she had magnificent powers – she was able to heal other animals from their problems, frustrations and unwanted habits. She even helped the lion become more humble and the bears become more energised– that’s why everyone loved her, looked up to her and sought her help.

And the Queen Bee loved it all too. She was always there to help and advise the other animals, she was always there to give and support. She needed nothing in return. The love of others was enough. The transformation she was making was all that mattered. So there she was the hard-working queen bee – always busy helping, giving and achieving. She had no break. The buzz kept her buzzing.

Until one day…she noticed that her bee friends had started to drift away, her bird friends had started to fly away and never come back as she had no time for them. She had no time to play and enjoy the fruits of her labour. She only knew how to push forward, how to plan ahead and create joy for others.

She took no notice of these new changes though. She kept going…until one day, the Queen Bee fell ill, very very ill. She was losing her power, there was no energy to heal, support and advise. There was no energy for others, let alone herself. No time to eat good honey any more, no desire to workout with the flowers. Her little body became too weak. Her Wise King was worried, he tried to motivate her and help but the bee didn’t listen. She thought it was just a lesson to be learnt…’I need to get going and work hard’, the bee kept telling herself.

bee-having-a-breakSo she kept her pain inside. She kept her suffering to herself, just locked inside for nobody to discover for she was the Queen Bee and others should only see the best of her.

Until another disaster came. This time it was the forest…it started to dry out, not enough good honey for the animals, not enough motivation for the animals to come and ask the Queen Bee for help. No one had energy and desire, they had locked inside their little homes suffering from the energy the Queen Bee was sending. So now the Queen Bee had less work to do. Now the Queen started to worry  – ‘’How would I make a living without the other animals? How would I achieve without anyone to achieve for?’’ But her buzzing spirit hurried to protect her: ”No Queen Bee, that is just another challenge. Be more creative, sit down and plan ahead, work harder, push push…” So the bee listened as that was all she knew throughout her whole life on Earth.

Until one night, when mother nature could no longer watch the self-destruction of the Queen Bee. She was destined for greatness but her power has now become too evil and something needed to be done. So mother nature, decided to push as strong as the Queen Bee was pushing. Mother nature decided to go after the Queen’s most precious, her inspiration, her true love – the Wise King. One day, when the Queen Bee came home after another busy day, she found her King in bed, lying sick, with no energy to go and work, with no desire to live. He had even lost his love for her. He pushed the Queen away…And that was the final PUSH. In that moment the her wings fell. Her heart was now torn apart, her world was now broken, she had lost it all.

She had no other choice but to step back, put the crown down, and leave. She had to find the solution, she had to find herself again. Ill and sad, tired and lost she want to the magical sea. She sat there, just listening to the sound. The sea showed her what she has been creating for herself, the forest and her Wise Kind. She had been so busy being busy and pushing forward that she had forgotten to pull back and receive. She had forgotten to collaborate and ask for help, she had cut off friends and family just to be alone. The Queen felt sadness and guilt, she cried and cried….The sea was happy but yet wanted to comfort her…

So the sea send her Sister Bee as the sea knew that if she was to go further she must get extra help. Her Sister Bee took her to another forest to walk and talk. And the Queen Bee saw her biggest dream just there and realised that the dream was not to be busy and plan ahead and rule the forest only. Her dream was to enjoy life, have fun with others in the forest, laugh, love and be loved and create a loving family with her Wise King. She wanted to rule the forest with him as his wisdom and support would allow them to reach more animals and share the challenges together. But the King was dying…what could she do???

The Queen was overwhelmed by the learnings. She needed more help. So her final stop was a visit to the Wisest Queen Bee who used to rule her forest before her. That Queen knew all the answers – she always cared for the bee. So they met and talked and there were some tears and fears but also some miracles…The Wisest Queen told the bee:

‘You are destined for greatness in this world. You are on your own journey and I know you want to share it with your Wise King bee but maybe it is not the right king you have now…maybe his love is not deep enough to support your dream. You are now free and independent, and you can run and be free, enjoy live, be happy, and remember to always take care of yourself. All is possible and trust you must have in the Universe that it will support you and things will always happen at the right time for you. Work will always be there but happiness and family and friends may go away if you push them away.

There are times in life when one must not push but pull and give. There are times when you have to play for play is a fuel for your creativity and drive. There times when one must relax and recover – just as the sun goes down to recharge and get energy for the next day. Remember bee as you leave now to allow time for rest, recovery, fun, play and love. And always be in good health – you are only as powerful as your health is.’


How our Queen felt in that moment, you can feel for yourself or imagine right now. All I can say is that she returned to the forest the next day with all these learnings. She was no longer the same Queen…or even better she was no longer that extreme Queen. She was just a being. She now learnt not to work hard but smart. She had work days and play days, she had fun with all the animals, she smiled more and most importantly healed the forest better than before…as when you change yourself, the whole world changes with you.

As for our Wise King, all we should know is that as he saw the new Queen Bee, he also changed…and he came back to his love and they together had more power and strength to heal all the forests in the world and create a kingdom of love, happiness, joy and abundant health.

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx


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