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It is dark outside…it is dark inside… but isn’t the darkness on the outside just a mere reflection of the darkness on the inside? It is said that the inner reflects the outer so when the inner changes so MUST the outer, right?!

How do we embrace that darkness, trusting that the lightness is just a breath away? How do we accept the discomfort of the ‘black hole’, knowing that it is just that – a hole that is soon to be filled with so much light that in a few months’ time, only the memory will remain, a memory which will carry invaluable lessons for us and those around us?

Because, my dear reader, that is what life is about, isn’t it? Sharing and caring for one another. It is about learning and growing and enjoying every single second of it. We are all souls that have come to Earth to have a human experience…and the human experience includes it all – both tears and joy, laughter and cry, love and compassion and so much more.

Today, I write for me and to me. I also know that my message is no longer just for me. I have within me the gift of wisdom through experience and the gift of assertiveness to speak up my truth as I feel it here and now. I have the responsibility of serving you, my beloved reader, and every other person who will read or hear from you about me and my message. Today, I declare my readiness to commit to this act of sharing daily. No more hiding behind perfect images, no more waiting for the perfect moment. The moment is now as you never know when just one word from me can turn out to be the light that makes it all bright for someone lost in the dark.

Now is the time to embrace all of us, recognise what no longer serves us and just let it go. We let it go, first in our mind – by consciously refusing to be ‘the victim’ of this habit, behaviour or thought pattern. We then commit to becoming bigger than the issue, recognising the positive intent behind it and asking ‘it’: What is the lesson for me here? Do this in silence, take a few deep breaths and see what you see and hear what you hear, notice the emotions, how your body reacts. Write the answers and reflect on what is it that this darkness wants to teach you. Once the lesson has been realised, it is your duty to apply and integrate it into your life. Know that a test comes next, followed by a final exam because, my dear reader, life needs to be 100%sure  that YOU REALLY GOT IT!

And then what comes…ah the brightness of the lightness, the lightness of all the burdens fading away so that what once weighted you down now becomes just a distant memory, a well-read chapter from your book of life.

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx


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