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When we make the conscious decision to live in the lightness of the light, our identity also changes. We become light workers – workers who no longer choose to live in fear and doubt and tolerate injustice and dishonest behaviours. We also develop the observer mindset of self-awareness and an ability to do an ecology check. Today, I will share my wisdom on how we can use these on our path of lightness.

Self-awareness is the ability to listen, hear, see and feel yourself in any given situation. The ability to apply distant association – to be fully immersed in the present yet floating above yourself and observing YOU in that present. This skill allows you to deeply understand yourself and your needs and how the environment and people around you affect you. From this position, you can also send yourself resources, such as more confidence, assertiveness or the ability to pause so you make the right decisions for you and don’t regret any unspoken words, untaken actions and missed opportunities. Let’s have the example of a conversation with a friend which starts as a general chat but suddenly moves into a deep sharing of a painful moment for you. By applying self-awareness straight away you can consciously stop yourself from sharing more of that pain or instead observe yourself in that talk to gain important feedback on how this old memory might be still affecting you.

The ecology check ability, on the other hand, allows you to scan your environment and notice how your actions, words or energy affect others. This is useful for evaluating decisions and not allowing other people to influence you or impose their values and demands upon you, leaving you feel obliged to act in a certain way. However, in such cases, we often forget how pleasing one person may hurt another or how one seemingly good choice which had been made without considering the highest good of everyone involved, can later cause so much discomfort and pain to others that we end up living with the feelings of guilt and/or shame. By doing an ecology check though we can float above the present moment using our self-awareness and then look around to see others and gain their feedback (mainly non-verbal) as a powerful indication of how effective our communication is. A useful question, I ask myself is, ‘how what I am doing contributes to my highest good and that of others involved?’ or ‘How this situation/person is affecting me now?’.

Why are these skills important? Because when we decide to live in the light, we need to become the masters of our STATE & EMOTIONS and recognise people who might want to take advantage of us and situations with lower energies that can ‘darken’ us again. It is our own responsibility to take our POWER BACK through self-awareness and to face any discomfort by passing through it with grace, gratitude, willingness to learn from it and most importantly the feeling of light that shall come afterward.


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