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Relationships are the essence of life. We come to this world from the male and female relationship. We enter society and find similar individuals with whom to share life experiences, learn, grow and feel a wide range of emotions. Some may then build a family and learn the meaning of intimate relationships and creating another human life. Others may decide to dedicate their lives to a career or another form of service which again will involve relationships. Thus, it seems to me that learning how to create, develop, enjoy and even exit relationships is a key skill that we all need.

But how do we learn it? There is no such subject in school, there is no such book…Some may argue that there are many books on relationships within the now thriving self-help industry. I guarantee you though that you are likely to end up feeling lost & confused with the avalanche of information. Why? Because these books are someone else’s opinion and experience. They can give you guidance but they can never show you the ‘YOU’ in ‘YOU’ because…

The best teacher is the one who gives us the direction or the path for us to then find by ourselves the teachings.

In 2015 & 2016, I met many teachers, mentors, coaches, and gurus. I read books, articles, listened to videos. I then applied much of this information to my life – in relationships, work, and personal development. I even met my soul mate – the person who comes in one’s life to open one’s heart centre, to fully challenge one’s values, beliefs, and behaviours in such a way that the unnecessary and the unhealthy ones can come out to become transformed into their more useful counterparts. This process also involves you experiencing the full range of human emotion and is so life changing that when you exit it, you realise your true potential to become the person you were destined to be. Having now exit this 2-year cycle, I have one important lesson to share.

To create harmonious relationships in all areas of life, one must first create a harmonious relationship with oneself!

1 month ago, I did the second biggest life changing decision in my life. I left family, friends, comfort, support and coziness and moved to Thailand. A place, completely different to all that I have experienced in my life.

In 2009, I did a similar step by moving to Scotland for my higher education. In 2013, I did it again and moved to London. In 2009 and 2013, the reasons behind my decisions were based on career aspirations and family advice. I was told that the path to success was only by studying and working abroad. This time the decision came from ME and it is for ME. Why do I need that?

As a health practitioner, I am committed to helping others live a healthy and happy balanced life by being an example of such a life and giving them the guidance they need to do the same. 2016 & 2015 taught me that to fully realise this vision, I need to embody it myself. Since I want to create this vision as a lifestyle family business too with the right partner, I also need to get to the vibrational frequency of that partner as a ‘solo’ before we become a duo as you must remember, my dear reader, that the best time to enter a romantic relationship is when you are at your best so you can attract that same ‘best’ in your life. That’s the Law of Attraction which is always working on.

I’ve met many colleagues in my industry who unfortunately don’t walk their talk. I promised myself that I would never be that kind of a teacher. I can’t allow myself to not ‘be’ my teachings. However, my teachings are now to become not the wisdom from the books but the wisdom from my experience and how I am living it.  Just like in the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ movie, I will write my lessons and leave you, my dear readers, to find YOURSELF in my experience.

Here’s today’s vital learning:

We build relationships on 4 levels – with ourselves, others (family, colleagues, and friends), the Universe/God and with an intimate partner. The base for all levels is self-connection because when you have this, you know what you need, value and can/can’t compromise on so that when you enter any relationships, you can be a contributor, not a destroyer, and when you want to manifest your desires, you do so from a place of attracting that which you are, meaning that when you have a good relationship with yourself, you attract the same relationships too.

Thank you for your reading time and if you like the lessons shared, please share back with your friends so we can all benefit from the learnings :).

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx


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