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In today’s entrepreneurial society, there seems to be another trend – the ‘solo warrior’ – the individual who wants to get it all done alone as this feels more powerful and rewarding, more inspirational and more worthy of admiration. However, is this really the case or is it just another way of the ego to evolve and strengthen, another form of having control, leading us to make sacrifices that are often health damaging or even soul destructive…?.

The plan for my journey in Thailand was to do it all alone in terms of finding accommodation, travelling, and exploring. I was determined to have this journey as a solo traveler and learn to entirely rely on myself. However, in my month 1, the lesson of ‘self-connection’ was shown to me in the form of connection to others.

We are also all connected, meaning that often we might be going through a hardship not just for our own good but also for the benefit of others, often our soul group – people who share a similar path to ours and who need our learnings – so that like the snowball effect sharing with one allows more people to have access to that wisdom. So never underestimate the power of your experiences.

We need ‘me-time’ for reflection and self-understanding but we also need time with others as these interactions can often give us insight that would have otherwise taken us a while to get ourselves. These connections also give us realisations about ourselves – some of which may not always be pleasant – but are ultimately vital for our self-understanding and growth.

In addition, we have to learn to deal with the expectations we have about others. People change just as nature changes. One day, you are on the same energy frequency and vibration – you attract each other as you are ‘likes’, you share experiences to learn and grow and then you either stay together or you separate as now your souls need another vibrational match to continue their journey.


And here is a little story….

One day, the warrior woman was hurt and alone. Tears were dropping down. She looked towards the sky, she talked to the sea as prayer was all that she had the strength for. Just when she felt the stillness, the door opened… and a hero came, the warrior woman was no longer alone on the journey.

The prayer was answered in a way she had never imagined. She allowed herself to be guided by her new found hero and explore what life would be like when she is no longer a solo.


That experience she would always remember. The days with the hero, the days of growth, learning and exploring were the days she had learned the most about herself. These were also the days she had lost herself the most too..but only to find herself again, this time stronger, more real and determined to still continue as a solo warrior but also allow others to come and not see them as challenges and unnecessary distractions but answers and helpers who enter her life to give back to her so she can have more to give back.

My dear reader, I know that you have felt that too. So many times, you have wanted to do it all alone and feel that sense of achievement. However, that was never the plan. The Universe created male and female, God gave us Adam and Eve not because they were not good alone but because they were stronger together.

There is another truth to remember. We need three types of people around us – those who are on the same vibration and learning as we are so we can share our experiences for support, those who are on a lower vibration but need our help to grow so we can teach them and be of service and those who are on a higher frequency and come into our life to teach and inspire us, to challenge us to grow. Always know who these people are in your life and ‘play’ accordingly. Teach when you must preach, share as you care, and listen when you must learn.

I challenge you to open yourself to receive now and notice which people are your three different types so you know where to go when you need support, challenge or contribution. Say YES when people offer help – you deserve this help so you can then have more to give back. Say NO when something is not in alignment with your values. Stand up for yourself and communicate your truth with respect for yourself and others. Selfish is that not.

Thank you for your reading time and if you like my learnings, please share them with friends and family so we can all learn together as a group 🙂

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx


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