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 ”Maya has been amazing at helping my 7-year-old with his diet and general health! Thanks to her recipes, advice and knowledge Maxi is now a much happier boy who enjoys his food and has learnt to say NO Thank You to food that does not suit him, such as potatoes, dairy, and others. Thank you so much, Maya!” Angelica Parkhouse (Happy mum)
 ”Maya helped me become aware of what I am eating and how this could affect my body. I like the natural approach she has, where it’s not only about food but also about other factors in your life. Maya is very supportive and her work doesn’t stop once she has given her client the eating plan! Her optimistic approach will lift anyone’s spirit and that’s why I loved working with her! She has been very helpful with getting me in the right mindset and her tips will last me a lifetime!”, Emmeke Hulshof, Dolphin Fitness Gym Member, London UK
”I found the session with Maya very valuable and unique. She uses a dual approach from the health and fitness perspective so when she made dietary suggestions they were tailored for my needs taking various factors into consideration like my degenerative discs condition and diabetes in the family. And the same goes for my fitness – all balanced and relevant to my conditions. Maya also reminded me about how important is the healthy lifestyle that I need to respect and love my body and do whatever it takes to keep it young and healthy as without it I won’t achieve what I want to achieve in life. Thank you so much, Maya, for the inspiration and your passionate and friendly attitude towards healthy living:)”. Aska Kolton, Relationship Coach at
”I contacted Maya after many attempts to improve my health from reading online information and experimenting with different diets. I couldn’t understand why my weight was not moving. Maya introduced me to a sustainable and manageable way of leading a healthy lifestyle – from shopping to cooking for me and my husband. Her approach was very personable and the meal plan was tailored to my needs and taste. We did blood tests & checked my food intolerances to ensure each recommendation was in balance with my body. Her passionate and positive personality inspired me to keep learning more about my health.” Bilge Mehmed, Sales Assistant, London

”I had a personal training session with Maya and I was impressed with her high level of fitness and the knowledge of body weights and strength exercises.  She was both supporting and encouraging during our training. Maya also paid close attention to the right posture and techniques during weights lifting. Maya is passionate about healthy lifestyle and her knowledge regarding how the body works and  nutrition is enormous. I really enjoyed the training with her and our chat about exercise and healthy eating. She is extremely outgoing, friendly and pleasure to be around. I definitely recommend Maya to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and health.” Aneta Zych, Reflexology Practitioner,