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I run seminars on various holistic health topics with a prime focus on digestion, energy healing, emotions and organs and the importance of living a balanced life by nourishing the whole self – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I also offer talks and workshops to various networks for female entrepreneurs and corporate women. Below is some of the topics covered at past events:

  • Is food making us tired & stressed?
  • How nutrition can improve our work-life balance
  • Healthy in the office
  • Healthy on-the-go

I also demonstrate what I preach by bringing nutritious food and drinks to my events.

The seminar allows women to not only understand how to be healthy in the business world but also experience this for themselves through nutritious drinks and nibbles.

 Feedback from attendees:

‘Really inspiring evening! Good and easy-to-implement advice and lovely healthy snacks. It was especially refreshing to see so much energy-in Maya’s presentation and later during the discussion :)’, Julia Adamcakova

‘Thank you very much for your amazing evening. I met lots of lovely women and we all agree you’re an inspiration. Looking forward to the next one!’, Marina Lacueva

‘A very needed service. Maya is a lovely person with a genuine passion for holistic health. Well done!’, Lavinia Cook

You can also watch some of my interviews below:

The Marianna Show

I am also open to collaboration with other health and fitness professionals, lifestyle and business coaches who would like to take the health of their clients to a new level by helping them achieve a nutrient-rich lifestyle in this time-poor world. We are only as good as our Health is and this is the message I want to send to all corporations that want to increase their staff productivity, wellness, and retention. You shouldn’t feed your employees garbage food…your company is not a bin for ‘sick’ people.

With health & Balance,

Maya xxx