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Relationships are the essence of life. We come to this world from the male and female relationship. We enter society and find similar individuals with whom to share life experiences, learn, grow and feel a wide range of emotions. Some may then build a family and learn the meaning of intimate relationships and creating another human life. Others may decide to dedicate their lives to a career or another form of service which again will involve relationships. Thus, it seems to me that learning how to create, develop, enjoy and even exit relationships is a key skill that we all need.

But how do we learn it? There is no such subject in school, there is no such book…Some may argue that there are many books on relationships within the now thriving self-help industry. I guarantee you though that you are likely to end up feeling lost & confused with the avalanche of information. Why? Because these books are someone else’s opinion and experience. They can give you guidance but they can never show you the ‘YOU’ in ‘YOU’ because…

The best teacher is the one who gives us the direction or the path for us to then find by ourselves the teachings.

In 2015 & 2016, I met many teachers, mentors, coaches, and gurus. I read books, articles, listened to videos. I then applied much of this information to my life – in relationships, work, and personal development. I even met my soul mate – the person who comes in one’s life to open one’s heart centre, to fully challenge one’s values, beliefs, and behaviours in such a way that the unnecessary and the unhealthy ones can come out to become transformed into their more useful counterparts. This process also involves you experiencing the full range of human emotion and is so life changing that when you exit it, you realise your true potential to become the person you were destined to be. Having now exit this 2-year cycle, I have one important lesson to share.

To create harmonious relationships in all areas of life, one must first create a harmonious relationship with oneself!

1 month ago, I did the second biggest life changing decision in my life. I left family, friends, comfort, support and coziness and moved to Thailand. A place, completely different to all that I have experienced in my life.

In 2009, I did a similar step by moving to Scotland for my higher education. In 2013, I did it again and moved to London. In 2009 and 2013, the reasons behind my decisions were based on career aspirations and family advice. I was told that the path to success was only by studying and working abroad. This time the decision came from ME and it is for ME. Why do I need that?

As a health practitioner, I am committed to helping others live a healthy and happy balanced life by being an example of such a life and giving them the guidance they need to do the same. 2016 & 2015 taught me that to fully realise this vision, I need to embody it myself. Since I want to create this vision as a lifestyle family business too with the right partner, I also need to get to the vibrational frequency of that partner as a ‘solo’ before we become a duo as you must remember, my dear reader, that the best time to enter a romantic relationship is when you are at your best so you can attract that same ‘best’ in your life. That’s the Law of Attraction which is always working on.

I’ve met many colleagues in my industry who unfortunately don’t walk their talk. I promised myself that I would never be that kind of a teacher. I can’t allow myself to not ‘be’ my teachings. However, my teachings are now to become not the wisdom from the books but the wisdom from my experience and how I am living it.  Just like in the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ movie, I will write my lessons and leave you, my dear readers, to find YOURSELF in my experience.

Here’s today’s vital learning:

We build relationships on 4 levels – with ourselves, others (family, colleagues, and friends), the Universe/God and with an intimate partner. The base for all levels is self-connection because when you have this, you know what you need, value and can/can’t compromise on so that when you enter any relationships, you can be a contributor, not a destroyer, and when you want to manifest your desires, you do so from a place of attracting that which you are, meaning that when you have a good relationship with yourself, you attract the same relationships too.

Thank you for your reading time and if you like the lessons shared, please share back with your friends so we can all benefit from the learnings :).

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx


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In today’s entrepreneurial society, there seems to be another trend – the ‘solo warrior’ – the individual who wants to get it all done alone as this feels more powerful and rewarding, more inspirational and more worthy of admiration. However, is this really the case or is it just another way of the ego to evolve and strengthen, another form of having control, leading us to make sacrifices that are often health damaging or even soul destructive…?.

The plan for my journey in Thailand was to do it all alone in terms of finding accommodation, travelling, and exploring. I was determined to have this journey as a solo traveler and learn to entirely rely on myself. However, in my month 1, the lesson of ‘self-connection’ was shown to me in the form of connection to others.

We are also all connected, meaning that often we might be going through a hardship not just for our own good but also for the benefit of others, often our soul group – people who share a similar path to ours and who need our learnings – so that like the snowball effect sharing with one allows more people to have access to that wisdom. So never underestimate the power of your experiences.

We need ‘me-time’ for reflection and self-understanding but we also need time with others as these interactions can often give us insight that would have otherwise taken us a while to get ourselves. These connections also give us realisations about ourselves – some of which may not always be pleasant – but are ultimately vital for our self-understanding and growth.

In addition, we have to learn to deal with the expectations we have about others. People change just as nature changes. One day, you are on the same energy frequency and vibration – you attract each other as you are ‘likes’, you share experiences to learn and grow and then you either stay together or you separate as now your souls need another vibrational match to continue their journey.


And here is a little story….

One day, the warrior woman was hurt and alone. Tears were dropping down. She looked towards the sky, she talked to the sea as prayer was all that she had the strength for. Just when she felt the stillness, the door opened… and a hero came, the warrior woman was no longer alone on the journey.

The prayer was answered in a way she had never imagined. She allowed herself to be guided by her new found hero and explore what life would be like when she is no longer a solo.


That experience she would always remember. The days with the hero, the days of growth, learning and exploring were the days she had learned the most about herself. These were also the days she had lost herself the most too..but only to find herself again, this time stronger, more real and determined to still continue as a solo warrior but also allow others to come and not see them as challenges and unnecessary distractions but answers and helpers who enter her life to give back to her so she can have more to give back.

My dear reader, I know that you have felt that too. So many times, you have wanted to do it all alone and feel that sense of achievement. However, that was never the plan. The Universe created male and female, God gave us Adam and Eve not because they were not good alone but because they were stronger together.

There is another truth to remember. We need three types of people around us – those who are on the same vibration and learning as we are so we can share our experiences for support, those who are on a lower vibration but need our help to grow so we can teach them and be of service and those who are on a higher frequency and come into our life to teach and inspire us, to challenge us to grow. Always know who these people are in your life and ‘play’ accordingly. Teach when you must preach, share as you care, and listen when you must learn.

I challenge you to open yourself to receive now and notice which people are your three different types so you know where to go when you need support, challenge or contribution. Say YES when people offer help – you deserve this help so you can then have more to give back. Say NO when something is not in alignment with your values. Stand up for yourself and communicate your truth with respect for yourself and others. Selfish is that not.

Thank you for your reading time and if you like my learnings, please share them with friends and family so we can all learn together as a group 🙂

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx

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When we make the conscious decision to live in the lightness of the light, our identity also changes. We become light workers – workers who no longer choose to live in fear and doubt and tolerate injustice and dishonest behaviours. We also develop the observer mindset of self-awareness and an ability to do an ecology check. Today, I will share my wisdom on how we can use these on our path of lightness.

Self-awareness is the ability to listen, hear, see and feel yourself in any given situation. The ability to apply distant association – to be fully immersed in the present yet floating above yourself and observing YOU in that present. This skill allows you to deeply understand yourself and your needs and how the environment and people around you affect you. From this position, you can also send yourself resources, such as more confidence, assertiveness or the ability to pause so you make the right decisions for you and don’t regret any unspoken words, untaken actions and missed opportunities. Let’s have the example of a conversation with a friend which starts as a general chat but suddenly moves into a deep sharing of a painful moment for you. By applying self-awareness straight away you can consciously stop yourself from sharing more of that pain or instead observe yourself in that talk to gain important feedback on how this old memory might be still affecting you.

The ecology check ability, on the other hand, allows you to scan your environment and notice how your actions, words or energy affect others. This is useful for evaluating decisions and not allowing other people to influence you or impose their values and demands upon you, leaving you feel obliged to act in a certain way. However, in such cases, we often forget how pleasing one person may hurt another or how one seemingly good choice which had been made without considering the highest good of everyone involved, can later cause so much discomfort and pain to others that we end up living with the feelings of guilt and/or shame. By doing an ecology check though we can float above the present moment using our self-awareness and then look around to see others and gain their feedback (mainly non-verbal) as a powerful indication of how effective our communication is. A useful question, I ask myself is, ‘how what I am doing contributes to my highest good and that of others involved?’ or ‘How this situation/person is affecting me now?’.

Why are these skills important? Because when we decide to live in the light, we need to become the masters of our STATE & EMOTIONS and recognise people who might want to take advantage of us and situations with lower energies that can ‘darken’ us again. It is our own responsibility to take our POWER BACK through self-awareness and to face any discomfort by passing through it with grace, gratitude, willingness to learn from it and most importantly the feeling of light that shall come afterward.

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It is dark outside…it is dark inside… but isn’t the darkness on the outside just a mere reflection of the darkness on the inside? It is said that the inner reflects the outer so when the inner changes so MUST the outer, right?!

How do we embrace that darkness, trusting that the lightness is just a breath away? How do we accept the discomfort of the ‘black hole’, knowing that it is just that – a hole that is soon to be filled with so much light that in a few months’ time, only the memory will remain, a memory which will carry invaluable lessons for us and those around us?

Because, my dear reader, that is what life is about, isn’t it? Sharing and caring for one another. It is about learning and growing and enjoying every single second of it. We are all souls that have come to Earth to have a human experience…and the human experience includes it all – both tears and joy, laughter and cry, love and compassion and so much more.

Today, I write for me and to me. I also know that my message is no longer just for me. I have within me the gift of wisdom through experience and the gift of assertiveness to speak up my truth as I feel it here and now. I have the responsibility of serving you, my beloved reader, and every other person who will read or hear from you about me and my message. Today, I declare my readiness to commit to this act of sharing daily. No more hiding behind perfect images, no more waiting for the perfect moment. The moment is now as you never know when just one word from me can turn out to be the light that makes it all bright for someone lost in the dark.

Now is the time to embrace all of us, recognise what no longer serves us and just let it go. We let it go, first in our mind – by consciously refusing to be ‘the victim’ of this habit, behaviour or thought pattern. We then commit to becoming bigger than the issue, recognising the positive intent behind it and asking ‘it’: What is the lesson for me here? Do this in silence, take a few deep breaths and see what you see and hear what you hear, notice the emotions, how your body reacts. Write the answers and reflect on what is it that this darkness wants to teach you. Once the lesson has been realised, it is your duty to apply and integrate it into your life. Know that a test comes next, followed by a final exam because, my dear reader, life needs to be 100%sure  that YOU REALLY GOT IT!

And then what comes…ah the brightness of the lightness, the lightness of all the burdens fading away so that what once weighted you down now becomes just a distant memory, a well-read chapter from your book of life.

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx

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bee_businessOnce upon a time in a far remote forest, there lived a Queen Bee. A powerful Queen Bee who ruled the biggest kingdom on Earth along with her Wise King. A beautiful queen bee who always ate the best honey and worked out with the best flowers to keep herself strong and in good health.

The Queen Bee was a respected ruler because she had magnificent powers – she was able to heal other animals from their problems, frustrations and unwanted habits. She even helped the lion become more humble and the bears become more energised– that’s why everyone loved her, looked up to her and sought her help.

And the Queen Bee loved it all too. She was always there to help and advise the other animals, she was always there to give and support. She needed nothing in return. The love of others was enough. The transformation she was making was all that mattered. So there she was the hard-working queen bee – always busy helping, giving and achieving. She had no break. The buzz kept her buzzing.

Until one day…she noticed that her bee friends had started to drift away, her bird friends had started to fly away and never come back as she had no time for them. She had no time to play and enjoy the fruits of her labour. She only knew how to push forward, how to plan ahead and create joy for others.

She took no notice of these new changes though. She kept going…until one day, the Queen Bee fell ill, very very ill. She was losing her power, there was no energy to heal, support and advise. There was no energy for others, let alone herself. No time to eat good honey any more, no desire to workout with the flowers. Her little body became too weak. Her Wise King was worried, he tried to motivate her and help but the bee didn’t listen. She thought it was just a lesson to be learnt…’I need to get going and work hard’, the bee kept telling herself.

bee-having-a-breakSo she kept her pain inside. She kept her suffering to herself, just locked inside for nobody to discover for she was the Queen Bee and others should only see the best of her.

Until another disaster came. This time it was the forest…it started to dry out, not enough good honey for the animals, not enough motivation for the animals to come and ask the Queen Bee for help. No one had energy and desire, they had locked inside their little homes suffering from the energy the Queen Bee was sending. So now the Queen Bee had less work to do. Now the Queen started to worry  – ‘’How would I make a living without the other animals? How would I achieve without anyone to achieve for?’’ But her buzzing spirit hurried to protect her: ”No Queen Bee, that is just another challenge. Be more creative, sit down and plan ahead, work harder, push push…” So the bee listened as that was all she knew throughout her whole life on Earth.

Until one night, when mother nature could no longer watch the self-destruction of the Queen Bee. She was destined for greatness but her power has now become too evil and something needed to be done. So mother nature, decided to push as strong as the Queen Bee was pushing. Mother nature decided to go after the Queen’s most precious, her inspiration, her true love – the Wise King. One day, when the Queen Bee came home after another busy day, she found her King in bed, lying sick, with no energy to go and work, with no desire to live. He had even lost his love for her. He pushed the Queen away…And that was the final PUSH. In that moment the her wings fell. Her heart was now torn apart, her world was now broken, she had lost it all.

She had no other choice but to step back, put the crown down, and leave. She had to find the solution, she had to find herself again. Ill and sad, tired and lost she want to the magical sea. She sat there, just listening to the sound. The sea showed her what she has been creating for herself, the forest and her Wise Kind. She had been so busy being busy and pushing forward that she had forgotten to pull back and receive. She had forgotten to collaborate and ask for help, she had cut off friends and family just to be alone. The Queen felt sadness and guilt, she cried and cried….The sea was happy but yet wanted to comfort her…

So the sea send her Sister Bee as the sea knew that if she was to go further she must get extra help. Her Sister Bee took her to another forest to walk and talk. And the Queen Bee saw her biggest dream just there and realised that the dream was not to be busy and plan ahead and rule the forest only. Her dream was to enjoy life, have fun with others in the forest, laugh, love and be loved and create a loving family with her Wise King. She wanted to rule the forest with him as his wisdom and support would allow them to reach more animals and share the challenges together. But the King was dying…what could she do???

The Queen was overwhelmed by the learnings. She needed more help. So her final stop was a visit to the Wisest Queen Bee who used to rule her forest before her. That Queen knew all the answers – she always cared for the bee. So they met and talked and there were some tears and fears but also some miracles…The Wisest Queen told the bee:

‘You are destined for greatness in this world. You are on your own journey and I know you want to share it with your Wise King bee but maybe it is not the right king you have now…maybe his love is not deep enough to support your dream. You are now free and independent, and you can run and be free, enjoy live, be happy, and remember to always take care of yourself. All is possible and trust you must have in the Universe that it will support you and things will always happen at the right time for you. Work will always be there but happiness and family and friends may go away if you push them away.

There are times in life when one must not push but pull and give. There are times when you have to play for play is a fuel for your creativity and drive. There times when one must relax and recover – just as the sun goes down to recharge and get energy for the next day. Remember bee as you leave now to allow time for rest, recovery, fun, play and love. And always be in good health – you are only as powerful as your health is.’


How our Queen felt in that moment, you can feel for yourself or imagine right now. All I can say is that she returned to the forest the next day with all these learnings. She was no longer the same Queen…or even better she was no longer that extreme Queen. She was just a being. She now learnt not to work hard but smart. She had work days and play days, she had fun with all the animals, she smiled more and most importantly healed the forest better than before…as when you change yourself, the whole world changes with you.

As for our Wise King, all we should know is that as he saw the new Queen Bee, he also changed…and he came back to his love and they together had more power and strength to heal all the forests in the world and create a kingdom of love, happiness, joy and abundant health.

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx

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Though small in size the ladybug is fearless. As fear cannot exist among joy, we must always do our best to go back to that feeling of loving the art of living. Living is the essence of all human beings, we are here to experience a plethora of emotions, feelings and thoughts because only then we now that we are actually living. Next time, we are in fear, sadness or anger, just smile for these emotions show that you are still alive:).

The Universe has a grand design for all of us, there is the full potential of each soul on Earth written and already decided. However, nothing is set in stone…because we are all given free will and the ability to decide. We can choose to live or we can choose to die. We can choose to push through life and fight against its currents. Or we can choose to go with the flow and surf on its waves. Waves are needed otherwise we lose the excitement, the joy, the thrill.

And do you know that fear is actually excitement without breathing?

Yes, these two are actually perceived by the body in almost the same way…so there is no need to fear fear – just breathe a bit more and turn it into excitement:) Excitement…that state of inner joy when you body is filled with butterflies, when your legs feel like jumping and you start rubbing your palms to warm up and prepare for the big moment. That is what I love most about life. That feeling of anticipation and yet being able to detach yourself from that expectation because the other polarity of excitement is obsession with the outcome and then when you do not get that expectation met your mind is going to kill the present moment with that disappointment of the ego. But trust me, if the outcomes is different than the expectation then the expectation was not right in the first place because it was purely driven by ‘needing and wanting’ for the ‘self’ only without considering the other parties or factors involved in the situation. We often make decision for ‘us only’ without thinking that there might be other people involved, especially in relationship issues which then requires us to talk the decision through as adults coming from the point of unconditional love – meaning what is best for both parties’ highest good, what will make them happier and more fulfilled and how together we can make this happen as together we are stronger to go further.

The ego loves to create doubt so we can lose our trust in the Universe and consequently in ourselves. There is no need to dwell on that feeling though. Just recognise the emotion, see how you feel, feel what you feel for what it is right now and then accept it. It is just the way it is. Remember that now everything in the Universe is moving super fast, more people are awakening, more souls are reaching their potential or starting their true path. This means that what used to take years to come in the past, might only require a few months or even weeks. Let’s use nature as an example. Do you know that ladybugs reproduce so rapidly that their life cycle is only 4 weeks long, meaning that over a summer several generations are born. Their short life span teaches us not to worry, and to live life to its fullest, appreciating the present and enjoying its gifts.  Let go, let the Universe and your intuition guide you.

Let’s finish with the ladybug message:

You can get everything that you focus on as energy flows where focus goes. Remember that patience is key in achieving anything in life. Do not force things or try hard to fulfil your wishes, go with the flow and let things take their natural course. Life is about working smart now not hard. Your wishes will come true when they do – in their own time. You were born after 9 months for a reason:).

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx


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new-year-changesEvery New Year is a new opportunity to make positive changes and leave any bad habits in the old year. Changing is not an easy process. We often start motivated with a list of goals and deadlines, declaring to friends and family our new resolutions. However, many of us later find ourselves going back to the old routine. That’s not because we are unworthy of change but because our bodies have a natural resistance to change.

I believe change is a great teacher. According to the cancer survivour and healer, Louise Hay, change ‘scares us and asks us to reach inside ourselves for courage we didn’t even know we had. It asks us every day to prove our commitment to ourselves. It leads us into the dark places and allows us to fill them with light. It shows us things about ourselves we never knew.’ When we positively embrace change, we realise that failure and success are two sides of the same coin. Change doesn’t ask us to go further or faster than we are ready to go – it teaches us to listen to our hearts and take changes that will set us free.

While change can feel hard at first, there is something magical about trying something new. It gives us the opportunity to see how strong we are. Thus, in today’s post I would like to share my top tips on overcoming any fear to change in the New Year.

1. Decide you are important enough – once we try something new and see that it worked out for us, it makes change easier because it gives us permission to do it again. The secret is to give ourselves permission to try it in the first place. We need to realise that we are important enough to give ourselves permission and space to change and prioritise our happiness in 2015. The best way to change is to just do it, just take the first step of knowing that your dreams are important. YOU are important.

2. Take baby steps – change can become difficult when we set goals that are either too big to be achieved within the desired time frame or are too complex to be accomplished without further help. It’s better to start slowly, one step at a time. Pick one small thing to do – it can be as quick and easy as you like, but do pick one thing and start. For example, if you want to start exercising in the New Year, start with 30 minutes 3-4 times a week, just walking or doing home exercises. Reward yourself and once you get into shape,  move to the gym and other classes.

3. Keep it simple and gentle – change is not a ‘’no pain, no gain’’ approach. Imagine the feeling of achievement, let that emotion be your motivation and trust the process of life to support you. Remember, you are doing the best you can with the knowledge and understanding you have at this point of time.

4. Be consistent – the more you stick to your daily actions of change, the easier it will get. The more consistent you are, the more results you will experience. Think about any new skill you’ve learnt – you don’t start out as an expert. The more you practice, the better you get.

5. Get helpers – a great way to change is to create a support network. This could be a friend, spouse, coach, family member, or whoever you feel comfortable with. Finding or creating Facebook groups that will hold you accountable is another useful approach to daily report your progress.

6. Have fun – make the change fun. Laugh at yourself, be silly, you are still a kid in this new process. Jump up after you accomplish your baby step, give yourself a hug or a smile in the mirror. Remember, change is joyous.

7. Celebrate even small successes – as you change, you should give yourself credit. You don’t have to wait for major changes to celebrate – highlight the little successes along the way. Make every day a day of celebration by choosing meaningful rewards – even simple gestures can work. Kisses and hugs have great healing power, especially when you give them to yourself. I know that it may feel silly at first, but once you start having fun with it, you will get more comfortable and willing to persist.

8. Think positive – change is easier when it is based on positive thinking, rather than guilt, shame or fear. Affirmations have proven the most effective way for me and my clients in the process of changing negative thinking and health habits. Once you start trusting the process of life to take care of you without letting your mind overwhelm you, you will find a lot of inspiration around. People, movies, books…they are there for you if you are willing to really change.

As I mentioned, affirmations are my favourite way to initiate change. Use the statements below every day when you get up and go to bed. Look yourself in the mirror and say out loud. Persist despite the awkwardness and let the magic works for you.

I am open to change.

I am willing to change.

I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that has created this condition (what you’re changing).

I greet the new with open arms.

Each problem has a solution. All experiences are opportunities for me to learn and grow.

I am safe.

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx