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I constantly work on my professional and personal development by reading research papers and top industry books, along with watching virtual conferences and attending various courses. Below is a list of my current qualifications:

  • Understanding intuitive sensitive people – Heidi Sawyer online courses – current area of study
  • Angel therapy healing & constant cravings – Doreen Virtue therapies – current area of study
  • Facial Tells of ‘Dis-ease’ January 2016 – Integrative Health Education
  • Messages From Within – Organs and the Emotions January 2016 – Integrative Health Education
  • The World of Parasites, Fungus and Bacteria – Level 1 November 2015 – Integrative Health Education
  • NLP Practitioner October 2015- Toby and Kate McCartney NLP Academy
  • Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut October 2015- Integrative Health Education
  • Affirmations Healing with Louise Hay – self-studying 2015
  • Supercharge Your Life with Skip – the miracle man September 2014
  • Healing fungal and parasite infections – CHEK Institute August 2014
  • Holistic Health Coaching – CHEK Europe Conference August 2014
  • Breakthrough Mastery with Skip – the miracle man August 2014
  • BodyPower and FitPro exercise lectures from Phil Learney and Ben Coomber May & July 2014
  • Functional Sports Nutrition Academy class May 2014
  • Sports Nutrition Live May 2014
  • Diploma in Advanced Nutrition for Optimal Health – GB Fitness 2013

I believe that the best knowledge still comes from my work with clients and my own experience.

Nothing is learned until you apply and practise it.

With health & Balance,

Maya xxx




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food-as-medicineThe human body is the most intelligent ‘living machine’ in nature – an extremely adaptable system which is programmed to preserve life at all cost. Today’s lifestyles are dramatically changing this machine by genetically modifying its ways to sustain life. We all know that our ancestors lived in a different environment – nutrients-rich, full with natural goodness and stress-free activities. Their only fast-food came from ‘fast’ food hunting which required physical effort and strength – a truly natural way to keep ‘active for life’.

Unfortunately, this no longer exists in modern society. Many people feel obliged to exercise and have little desire to understand their bodies and lead a healthy life. The food around us is not doing us any good either – the beneficial microorganisms that we need are now replaced by pesticides, additives and other toxins that challenge the digestive system and affect our ability to perform.

As a result, many of us may lack the basic building blocks for the body to function at its best. Intensive farming, pollution and food processing kill vital vitamins and minerals while stress and life challenges deplete the body’s reserves of enzymes and beneficial bacteria. This in turn is likely to cause energy slumps, headaches, poor digestion and increased susceptibility to colds and infections.the-busy-bee-blogger-beforeThis is where I was until 2011 – eating just to live and living life at full speed. With a mind focused on success at all cost, I paid no attention to my health but my degree and career development. The damage soon followed. Being diagnosed with IBS, I had to turn myself into a test lab animal, experimenting with various foods to find out what was causing the problems. In the end, it turned out that it was all due to stress and poor nutrition.

This is also where nutritional therapy saved me. This treatment relies on nutrition to restore health balances or complement medical therapies. It is not about following a diet but educating people on healthy eating to better understand their bodies and ultimately prevent future diseases.

There are many nutritional therapists out there and every day we are bombarded with health information from the media and the Internet. However, none of this is personalised – we are all different and must not leave our health in the hands of general advice.  I also struggled to find a specialist who can create a diet, flexible and effective enough for my busy lifestyle. Thus with my business mindset, I took my nutrition and fitness as a ‘marketing project’ – I created a strategy that would allow me to achieve my health goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way without causing damage to other work and life areas.Nutritional-QualificationsAfter two years of experimenting, I feel that I have the necessary pieces to enable me to create such diet plans myself – personal experience and scientific knowledge. I graduated with a Merit Diploma in Advanced Nutrition for Optimum Health where I was taught to challenge every claim and never make assumptions for people – we are biologically different and every health advice must to be tailored to individual lifestyle needs.

If you recognise yourself in this story, then get in touch. Whether it’s to discuss your challenges towards optimum health and nutrition, book a consultation with me or just share your experience with ‘on-the-go’ healthy living and fitness, I would like to hear from you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and walking the journey to Optimum Health together.

In Health & Balance,

Maya xxx